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Abe Ahalla

President of Imaging Services Partner, with over  20+ years of experience in the medical industry. Let us help you skyrocket your business efficiently and effortlessly.
taking the guesswork out of growth

Medical Equipment Planning Experts

Medical Imaging Services Consulting is a full service Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement Consultancy focusing on healthcare design, construction, and renovation projects.

Joy in Practice
Improving Outcomes, Access and Efficiencies
Staff & Patient Experience
Total Cost of Ownership  & Lifecycle Management
Utilization Data & Allocation Strategies
Transformational Space Planning &Workflow Efficiency
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Professional Services in Medical Field

Our Mission

Our mission is to make healthcare more accessible

We work side by side with our clients to utilize data, technology, and industry-leading practices to solve challenges in business, care delivery, digital, and talent management

About Us

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Work With Us
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Abe worked with Healthcare leaders across the organization to understand  the process and built tools / dashboard that helped increase efficiency,  and transparency.

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Customer Focus

Abe Consistently demonstrates the knowledge, and the skills, necessary to provide superior service to all business partners.

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Accountable Leader

Abe is an integral business partner. Abe works with the local planning teams, imaging operations, construction services and clinical technology to ensure all projects/initiatives stay on schedule and in alignment.

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Driving for Results

Abe helped the team makes timely decisions and takes action. Abe Seeks out and utilizes appropriate information and resources to achieve outcomes that best serve the organization. Resolves barriers and obstacles that impede progress. Monitors progress and acts to ensure success, in an ethical manner.

With over 20+ years of combined experience, get in touch today to see how we can help your Medical Business grow to success.