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Clinical Systems Engineer

Using Medical Technology to optimize heathcare delivery by collaborate with medical leaders to evaluate new devices, identify standards for equipment, develop 10-year strategic equipment replacement plans and associated budgets, and implement new technologies.

Abe has over 20+ years of experience leading projects, programs, and initiative in healthcare.

Our Services :

  • Contribute to organization-wide strategic planning and coordinates with stakeholders to develop portfolio roadmaps and budgets.
  •  Create data strategies using equipment utilization metrics, fleet analysis and ROI to maximize replacement value of medical technology to the organization.
  • Implement a multi-hospital, multi-system interfaced imaging picture archiving and communications system within a proprietary infrastructure.
  • Oversee all phases during project life cycle and ensure all milestones are met according to schedule.
  • Partners with leaderships in meeting their department goals.
  • Review and advice facility construction and implementation plans for supported medical technologies.
  • Conduct medical technology evaluations, selection, procurement, environment design and installations.
  • Serve as the technical expert for healthcare technologies in clinical areas.
  • Establish and maintain a means of identifying, monitoring, and resolving issues related to clinical technologies that present a risk to patient care delivery.
  • Support regional projects in specific care delivery areas, in conjunction with multiple stakeholders such as information technology, business planning, startup services, and service delivery.
  • Serve as the Clinical Technology Project Manager to support imaging and non-imaging equipment assessment, deployment, and integration.
  • Monitors emerging imaging technologies and reports technology trends to enhance workflow and patient access.
  • Production of strategic clinical technology plan to integrate local clinical technology needs into regional, and national purchasing plans.
  • Conducts cost-benefit and cost-effective analysis of medical imaging technologies (CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Med and General Radiology).
  • Budgets and Forecasts equipment life cycle replacement plan on a 5–10-year horizon
  • Partner with various stakeholders to forecast capital projects / new build cashflow projections against actuals.
Through our collaborative, multi-disciplinary project approach, we’re able to tap into a deep bench of diverse technical expertise and niche, market sector-focused experience to drive successful project outcomes.

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