Flexible Interim Mobile Imaging Equipment Solution Programs

Interim mobile solutions minimize downtime and add capacity while maintaining financial flexibility

Seamless Short-Term Gap Strategies

To get quick access to much needed mobile imaging  services as an alternative to purchasing
We feature multi- modality solutions from the leading imaging equipment manufacturers
We work with you to plan days of service that fit your schedule and meet your needs
To help with reducing radiology backlogs / patients access during equipment downtime

Mobile Imaging C-arm : GE OEC 9900 & OEC Elite CFD CMOS Flat Panel Detector

Orthopedics /  Vascular Mobile / Pain Management / gastroenterology / Urology / Interventional Radiology

Mobile Ultrasound Systems to improve access

A Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Scan

Mobile 2-D Mammography System

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Flexible Interim Mobile Imaging Equipment Solution Programs


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