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Medical Physics Testing & Accreditation

Imaging Services Partner provides a broad range of Medical Physics services with highly qualified professionals

Abe has over 20+ years of experience leading projects, programs, and initiative in healthcare.

Services: Diagnostic Imaging & Nuclear Medicine

  • Evaluating specialized imaging equipment/apparatus
  • Providing consultations in facilities design and layout
  • Radiation shielding design and specification.
  • Perform acceptance testing: radiography, fluoroscopy, CT, Mammography, MRI, and Ultrasound equipment, and accreditation surveys of CT, Mammography and MRI
  • Performance testing and accreditation surveys of PET/CT or SPECT and SPECT/CT
  • Quarterly and Annual audits and safety surveys, and leak testing.
  • Mammography reading  workstation (2D & 3D) acceptance testing, annual testing, or follow-up testing after display replacement.

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