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We help healthcare organizations uncover their greatest opportunities for growth and improvement

Imaging Partner Services creates flexible, customer-driven business solutions that improve its client’s productivity, profitability, and patient care.

Our Story

Imaging Services Partner Abe Ahalla
President & Founder

With over 20 years of experience as a medical equipment planner and project manager for capital healthcare projects, Abe has been involved in countless projects ranging in scope from outpatient clinics to full-service  healthcare institutions.  Abe draws on his background in engineering and business administration as well as his diverse project experience to add value through every phase of a project, from capital budgeting and design through construction, procurement, and installation. As a biomedical engineer (CBET)& Radiology Technologist R.T(R)(MR)(ARRT), Abe provides insight as it relates to all phases of a healthcare construction project. His experience in previous project work has allowed Abe to become proficient in various equipment planning services from inventory/capital planning through procurement and implementation. His viewpoint promotes technology with the patient in mind. Abe brings a unique skill set to a project team that promotes collaboration and open discussion.

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Our Values

The core values that shape our culture


Results in improved total cost of ownership


Improves patient and staff experience


Improves patient access to services and reduces backlog of volumes


Improves quality of care and patient safety

Our Mission

We are in the mission of making healthcare more accessible

To enhance the quality of patient care through thoughtful planning of medical equipment provided by an experienced team committed to methodical precision, insightful problem solving, continuous improvement, and authentic connection

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Abe worked with Healthcare leaders across the organization to understand  the process and built tools / dashboard that helped increase efficiency,  and transparency

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Customer Focus

Abe Consistently demonstrates the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors necessary to provide superior and culturally sensitive service to each other and to our patients, members, customers, contracted providers, vendors, regulators and communities.

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Accountable Leader

Abe is an integral business partner. Abe works with the local planning teams, imaging operations, construction services and clinical technology to ensure all projects/initiatives stay on schedule and in alignment.

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Driving for Results

Abe helped the team makes timely decisions and takes action. Abe Seeks out and utilizes appropriate information and resources to achieve outcomes that best serve the organization. Resolves barriers and obstacles that impede progress. Monitors progress and acts to ensure success, in an ethical manner.

With over 20+ years of combined experience, get in touch today to see how we can help your Medical Business grow to success.