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Portfolio Manager

High-performance portfolio management in healthcare organizations is vital to achieve excellence in patient care and implement profitable initiatives

Abe has over 20+ years of experience leading projects, programs, and initiative in healthcare.

The portfolio manager provides oversight across portfolio of projects and programs to drive successful value delivery to the organization; responsible for collaboration with key stakeholders in development of portfolio roadmaps, budget planning, and identification and prioritization of projects. The portfolio manager is responsible for resource allocation across portfolio, development of portfolio-level metrics, tracking and managing portfolio budget, and regular status reporting. The Portfolio manager also manages customer relationships, builds and fosters relationships with key stakeholders, and provides accurate, timely, and audience-specific communications.

Our Services :

  • Contribute to organization-wide strategic planning and coordinates with stakeholders to develop portfolio roadmaps and budgets.
  • Identify and prioritize projects, collaborating with stakeholders to define project objectives and scope.
  • Develop and manage portfolio-level metrics and reporting, documentation, and artifacts.
  • Participate in annual financial planning process and manages overall portfolio budget and program/project financial reporting.
  • Conduct resource planning and allocation across the various projects and programs, assesses and addresses impact of changes on overall portfolio projects given shared resource impacts.
  • Provide oversight/lead cross-functional teams in the delivery of high-risk, complex projects, directly affecting the Firm's strategy to meet technology and business requirements on-time and within budget.
  • Oversee issue/risk management, remediation plans, and escalations across the portfolio(s) - responsible for providing management direction in these areas and ensuring clear communication, consideration of all factors, generation of solution alternatives, and defined actionable plans that are implemented.
  • Propose changes to project methodologies, and frameworks.
  • Seek and capitalize on opportunities to improve productivity, improving time-to-market, improving solutions quality, and improving cost effectiveness.
  • Manage customer relationships, builds and fosters relationships with key stakeholders, and provides accurate, timely, and audience-specific communications.
  • Prepare and deliver regular, audience-specific communications/reports/dashboards to ensure that program sponsors and leadership are adequately apprised of program and project statuses, successes, risks and issues.
  • Help established governance models as needed, and ensures execution in alignment with applicable governance processes.
  • Serve as escalation point for project/program managers for the portfolio(s) they manage.

Through our collaborative, multi-disciplinary project approach, we’re able to tap into a deep bench of diverse technical expertise and niche, market sector-focused experience to drive successful project outcomes.

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